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From: Ben Longley
The Fit Stop – Personal Training / Group Training
240 Inkerman St, St Kilda East

Dear St Kilda Resident,

Are you looking for a personal trainer in St Kilda to help you achieve your fat loss goals, transform your body, feel healthy and energized…and finally help you to feel good about yourself again?

Great, well you’ve stumbled upon the best solution you could ask for, my name is Ben Longley and I own The Fit Stop – Personal training studio in St Kilda east.

Me and my team of trainers provide the most effective training programs designed to help every day people like yourself transform their body’s and their fitness levels.

If Your Goal Is To Lose Body Fat which has been making you feel worse & worse, Tone Up Your Muscles, And Take Your Fitness To a Whole Other Level…Then I Guarantee You That We’re Your No.1 Option In St Kilda or Any Surrounding suburbs.

Here’s why…

Unlike a lot of other personal trainers you’ll find in large commercial or public gyms, I didn’t wake up one morning and just decide it would be cool to be a fitness trainer. I’ve been studying fitness, fat loss, strength training and nutrition for nearly 15 years ever since I was in my early teens – growing up ill admit I was probably a little too obsessed with it all…. I would read literally any book or magazine to do with exercise and nutrition I could get my hands on.

When I eventually became a personal trainer and went to uni, I spent ALOT of time literally devouring every book, article and research paper I could find just to get some sort of useful information, I would spend hours on end just reading and studying every single day – all the while actually training clients around 25 hours per week.

I would study and learn as much as I could on all the theories and principles relating to training and nutrition, and then go and train my clients to see how they would actually carry over to the real world. .

It didn’t take long for me to realize that most of what you hear in the popular media about fat loss training and nutrition is a bunch of lies.

There is just SO much fierce competition out there with all the supplement company’s and weight loss products and programs. ALL of these people have a vested interest in what information gets put out there in order to sell YOU their products.

I think ive pretty much seen and heard ALL the different fitness gimmicks and fads BUT even more important than that is Ive actually seen what works in the real world through training hundreds of people with my personal training, semi-private training and Boot camps. Now I’m not saying any of this to try and impress you or talk myself up, I just want you to know that for me, this is not just a ‘side job’.

Putting it simply, there really are training methods and diet guidelines that have been PROVEN in science, research and in practice to work A LOT better than others for losing body fat, and putting on some lean muscle…in fact I’ve personally seen it first hand with myself and with countless clients In the many years ive been a personal trainer in St Kilda

I’ve used all sorts of training methods, and have TONS of experience training regular everyday people both in 1- on-1 and groups – I KNOW what works best and my personal training program that I’ve devised is THE BEST WAY I have found to train for long term fat loss results.

And over the years ive heard TONS of stories from clients who’ve had personal trainers in the past – and ive even seen myself the kind of dodgy trainers out there just running their clients through pointless exercise programs which will just have you wasting your time and money

…and whats worse is plenty of these trainers will hardly bother to take the time to teach correct exercise technique and proper form … fact MANY don’t even know themselves …this is NOT how you want your exercise program or your body taken care of.

Our trainers here at The Fit Stop, only use proven training methods that get results, and we’ll teach you how to do everything with correct & SAFE technique.


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Our Free 18 page Report.

“How To Lose Body Fat Guaranteed”

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“I have lost about 9 kilograms of Body fat”

Angel M Before & After“I walked past the St Kilda personal training studio for 2 years, and it wasn’t until I was recommended by a friend that I plucked up the courage to make an appointment. Since then I have been hooked! Before my training I carried far too much weight especially around the middle, felt sluggish and had very poor eating habits. I have lost about 9 kilograms of body fat, have so much more energy and am no longer a couch potato! I have exercised and dieted many times over the years so I was skeptical to begin with, but after seeing my results and Bens commitment to my goals this continually motivates me.”

Angela M
Senior manager
St Kilda


“My strength and muscle tone has improved far beyond what I would have ever imagined and even my posture has improved.”

CourtneyI thought the body I was in was just the one I had to live with, I’ve always felt sluggish and tired and often craved junk food. That is until I joined the Fit Stop. It sounds cliché but I can honestly say I’ve never felt better.
My strength and muscle tone has improved far beyond what I would have ever imagined and even my posture has improved. I have so much more energy and I’m a lot more aware of my nutrition and eating habits.
In the past I’ve had memberships at large commercial gyms but I always found the atmosphere off-putting and didn’t see the results I was after. At the Fit stop the level of personalised care the trainers have given me has been phenomenal and it’s such a comfortable and friendly space where I never feel judged.
I’ve never been more motivated in my life and I now have a whole new attitude towards health and fitness that will stay with me forever. I LOVE it!!!

Courtney Parker
St Kilda East

“I Have Dropped 2 Dress Sizes!”

Candis Seoud“I use to be really Insecure about my personal appearance and very uncomfortable in social settings, due to the extra weight I was carrying I just felt unhappy with myself as a person. After personal training here I have dropped 2 dress sizes, have some muscle and a firmer and much more toned body. My BMI is down 5 points too!

I feel great, more energy, more confidence, healthier and liking what I see in the mirror more everyday.

I have been to personal trainers before and they really didnt care about my needs or diet, they just went through the same session that they did for every person they trained and didnt take time to give any further advice on getting everything right to achieve my goal (e.g. diet)

I felt like more of a means to an end in regards to them getting paid and not as a person that needed help, so I was very hesitant to try it again but found that once I started at The Fit Stop I was given everything that I was looking for.

The group sessions have allowed me to meet other people in my situation and in fact having others around encourages me to try harder when I work out.”

Candis Seoud
Restaurant Owner
St Kilda East


“I have lost about 7kgs of fat and Replaced it with muscle!”

Stuart Machim Before & After“Due to my very busy work schedule I let myself get out of shape, and all the attempts I made at trying to lose weight and tone up my muscles seemed to be getting me nowhere. Since starting personal training and changing my eating habits I would say I have lost about 7kgs of fat all up and replaced it with some much better looking muscle! I look and feel so much better now and am dedicated to improving and getting even better results from here.”

Stuart Machim
St. Kilda, Melbourne


“I’ve dropped the weight about 8kg”

“After only a few months training I feel fantastic!”

Steve Reynalds Before & After“Before I made the decision to get some personal training I felt pretty flat; lethargic and I was lacking in motivation to do any physical activity. I was also pretty self conscious about my weight and lack of fitness. Due to the sedentary nature of my work I had gained weight progressively and wanted to change my lifestyle to become more active and healthy again.

After only a few months training I feel fantastic, and look forward to my training days. I have more energy, more enthusiasm and generally feel in a much happier space. I have now lost 19kgs and haven’t looked back. You just need a goal, a bit of commitment and the belief that it can be achieved.

The Fit Stop was a great choice for me and has been central to the results I have achieved and my level of enjoyment at being active again. I cannot recommend The Fit Stop highly enough. ”

Steve Reynalds
Elwood, Vic


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Our Free 18 page Report.

“How To Lose Body Fat Guaranteed”

To help get you started today.

“I’ve lost over 14kg and feel fantastic”

Before I began personal training at The Fit Stop I was embarrassed about letting myself get so big, and felt I was in a spiral and I needed help getting out of it. I knew that going to the gym on my own was not going to get me the results I wanted.

Since starting on my weight loss journey I’ve lost over 14kg, I feel fantastic..stronger, more confidence, and a new self belief that I can control my weight and lose more weight when I put my mind to it.

I recently went on a snowboarding trip and felt better than ever being so much fitter and lighter!

Liz Smith
St Kilda East

“I am absolutely loving my session”




So if you want to:

- Lose Weight and Tone Up

- Dramatically Increase Your Fitness Levels

- Increase Your Lean Muscle

- Learn Exactly How To Eat To Drop Your Body Fat Fast

- Train In a Fun, Fast Paced, High Energy Environment


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Our Free 18 page Report.

“How To Lose Body Fat Guaranteed”

To help get you started today.